Frequently Asked Questions

What is stucco?

Stucco is a cement-based plaster used as an exterior wall finish. It is a popular choice for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System. It is a type of stucco that includes insulation and a waterproof barrier, providing superior energy efficiency and weather protection.

What is cultured stone?

Cultured stone is a man-made product designed to mimic the appearance of natural stone. It is made of concrete and other materials, and is a popular choice for its affordability and versatility.

What is masonry?

Masonry refers to the construction of structures using bricks, blocks, or stone.

What is the difference between real stone and manufactured stone?

Real stone is natural stone that is quarried from the earth, while manufactured stone is a man-made product designed to look like natural stone.

What is CMU block?

CMU stands for Concrete Masonry Unit, which is a type of precast concrete block used in construction.

What is masonry restoration?

Masonry restoration refers to the process of repairing or restoring damaged or deteriorating masonry structures.

What are the benefits of stucco and masonry?

Stucco and masonry provide durable and long-lasting exterior finishes that are both aesthetically pleasing and offer superior insulation, weather protection, and fire resistance.

Can stucco and masonry be repaired?

Yes, stucco and masonry can be repaired and restored by experienced professionals using the appropriate techniques and materials.

How do I know if my stucco or masonry needs repair?

Signs that your stucco or masonry may need repair include cracks, water damage, or deterioration of the material. It is important to have a professional inspection to determine the extent of the damage and the appropriate course of action.

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